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Making energy-saving strides with lighting efficiency

In all aspects of our company operations, we work to identify and implement energy conservation measures.

One important way we’re conserving energy is through more energy-efficient lighting and lighting systems. A light that is turned off consumes no energy. Therefore, we have incorporated occupancy sensors in the warehouse and office areas of the facility to shut down some or all lights when areas are not being used.

Because we operate three shifts, six days a week, lights are always in use somewhere at Standard Process. To conserve energy and reduce our impact on the environment, we use fluorescent lighting throughout nearly all of our facility. It consumes 50 percent less energy than other types of lighting commonly used in manufacturing facilities, reducing energy demand and usage. Consequently, we are also helping to reduce fuel combustion and air emissions by the power companies.

Understanding there is more energy to be saved, we are continuing to implement more lighting improvements, such as LED lamps that consume approximately 50 percent less energy than fluorescent lamps, with a total of a 75 percent total reduction compared to the original sodium and metal halide lamps. We have installed approximately 1,200 replacement LED lamps so far (in 2015 and 2016). We’ve also incorporated passive lighting in office areas, making use of available sunlight where possible.

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