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MediHerb® Re-Releases Cat’s Claw Forte, Providing Patients with Quality Immune System Support

Cat's Claw Forte from MediHerb, exclusively distributed in the United States by Standard Process

Palmyra, WI – (September 1, 2020)  MediHerb — an Australian herbal products leader exclusively distributed in the U.S. by Standard Process — has resumed production of Cat’s Claw Forte. The product was previously unavailable due to the absence of a source which met the MediHerb specification for quality.
“What makes Cat’s Claw Forte different than other Cat’s Claw supplements is that our product contains oxinodole alkaloids — particularly pentacyclic oxindole alkaloids (POAs), which are known to support the immune system — while remaining low in the unwanted tetracyclic oxindole alkaloids (TOAs),” said Kerry Bone,  co-founder of MediHerb. “We are once again able to live up to our stringent quality standards, and look forward to helping health care professionals better serve their patients.”

Cat’s Claw Forte contains Uncaria tomentosa bark, which was traditionally used  as a restorative tonic with immune system benefits and given in times of challenge.  Cat’s Claw has been traditionally used in Peruvian herbal preparations:

  • As a restorative tonic
  • To support healthy immune system function
  • To support healthy skin
  • To maintain and support healthy joint movement
  • To provide antioxidant activity*

“Cat’s Claw Forte is intended for a variety of patients, including those who experience frequent immune system challenges, those who require movement support, and more,” Kerry Bone said. “It’s a great product that we’re proud to offer.”

Cat’s Claw Forte — along with all products from Standard Process and MediHerb — is available for purchase by health care professionals at


About Standard Process, Inc.
Standard Process is a family-owned, third-generation company that has been a leader in making whole food-based supplements since 1929. From the company’s certified organic farm at its Palmyra, Wisconsin headquarters; to the Nutrition Innovation Center in Kannapolis, North Carolina; Standard Process is committed to clinical science that advances health and changes lives though whole food-based nutrition. Using regenerative farming practices and advanced manufacturing technologies designed to protect the vital nutrients found in each ingredient, Standard Process produces both raw materials and more than 300 high-quality supplements in its certified organic manufacturing facility. For more information about Standard Process and to find a health care professional who sells Standard Process products, visit

  About MediHerb®

Australian-based herbal supplement manufacturer MediHerb® provides a wide range of herbal products in liquid extracts and tablets, which meet pharmaceutical good manufacturing practice (GMPs) code. MediHerb’s commitment to quality is evident in every aspect of the business, from the sourcing of herbs through to unique manufacturing processes that have revolutionized the herbal products industry. MediHerb® has a unique research and development department with scientists who are internationally regarded as phytochemical experts and have published numerous papers in respected peer-reviewed journals. MediHerb®, co-founded in 1986 by Professor Kerry Bone, is available in Australia, Canada, New Zealand, South Africa, United Kingdom and the United States. MediHerb® products are sold exclusively in the United States through Standard Process, Inc. Learn more at:


About Standard Process Inc.

Standard Process is the visionary leader in whole food nutrient solutions. Based in Palmyra, Wisconsin, Standard Process offers more than 300 high-quality supplements...

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