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“The best sources of vitamins and minerals are found in whole foods.”
—Dr. Royal Lee

Whole Food Philosophy

Since 1929, Standard Process has been dedicated to the field of nutritional supplements and the whole food philosophy introduced by Dr. Royal Lee. Dr. Lee’s goal was to provide nutrients as they are found in nature—in a whole food state where he believed their natural potency and efficacy would be realized.

Following this philosophy, we start with whole foods—foods you might find in the grocery store, like peas, radishes, and beets. Then, like any good cook, we prepare these ingredients in a way that safeguards their nutritional value. The resulting whole food ingredient is then added to a complex formula that may include whole food extracts; animal tissue extracts and concentrates; botanicals; whole food isolates; and synthetic ingredients as required to meet our high formula standards.*

But what exactly is a whole food supplement?

Whole Food Supplement

A complex formula that includes plant and animal extracts, desiccates, or other ingredients as required to create the best dietary supplement for each health indication.

Whole Food Ingredients

Whole food supplements may include foods that are prepared in a way that safeguards their nutritional value. Some of these ingredients are grown locally on our certified organic farm, including alfalfa, barley grass, beets, Brussels sprouts, buckwheat, kale, kidney beans, oats, pea vine, and Spanish black radish. This allows us to control the quality of these ingredients from seed to supplement. Individual components may require chopping, dicing, juicing, and/or drying.

There’s currently no regulatory definition, so companies are free to make up their own to suit their needs. This lack of clarity has led to a lexicon of misleading terms and a perplexed public.

As the world’s first company to make whole food supplements, we bring authority and leadership to the subject.

The goal of all whole food supplementation is to provide nutrients for the body that are as close as possible to how they are found in nature. After all, it is in this whole food state that nutrition is typically harnessed and presented to the body.

So how does it all work? How can these highly complex structures that combine a variety of elements, all working together, trigger the trophic effects that support the body’s desired and sustainable outcome of balance and homeostasis?

How? Through whole food nutrient solutions.

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Nutrient density of our ingredients is supported by optimal soil health, precision farming and harvest proximity to processing.
Fresh juice extraction often within 1 day of harvest.
Gentle drying
7.5 million pounds of vegetables harvested per year on our 623-acre certified-organic farm.
Standard Process employee
Guaranteed purity of farm ingredients: No synthetic pesticides. No herbicides. No GMOs. Period.

Transformative Systems

Delivering the complex nutrient content

To account for real-world variability inherent when safeguarding the complexity of ingredients and processes, we apply holistic engineering to how we farm, manufacture and quality-assure our products. This comprehensive approach ensures that our nutritional supplements deliver their complex nutrients as nature intended.


The great majority of the raw plant ingredients that go into our products come from the Standard Process certified-organic farm. For the foods we don’t grow, we actively source the best-quality nutritional ingredients from around the world. Our health-supporting whole food animal tissues are derived from bovine, ovine and porcine sources and are obtained exclusively from USDA-certified facilities in the United States. Tissues may also be purchased from Argentina and New Zealand with appropriate health certificates.

Manufacturing and Quality Control

We process the crops from our farm to minimize the loss of phytonutrients. Our state-of-the-art manufacturing safeguards the nutrition within each whole food ingredient.

Our full-scale QC laboratory performs over 1,000 tests a week at all manufacturing stages to ensure quality and consistency of claimed ingredients.

We also test for ingredient identification, gluten, and adulterants by using advanced analytical instrumentation.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.