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Excellence in Complementary Nutrition

Whole Food Supplements, Whole Pet Wellness
Supported by Science | Made With Whole Food Ingredients


Why Standard Process

For more than 85 years, Standard Process has made nutritional supplements with whole food ingredients for people. Realizing the same benefits could be applied to animal nutrition, veterinarians began using our products on their patients. We created our Veterinary Formulas™ supplements specifically for animals. Using these products, a veterinarian can recommend safe, high-quality nutritional support for your dogs, cats, and horses.

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Human Quality in Animal Supplements

Our commitment to providing quality supplements for animals is constant with all our products. Our team of scientists includes chemists and microbiologists who test our product materials to ensure the purity and safety of our supplements. We apply the same manufacturing and quality standards used for our human products to our canine, feline, and equine supplements.

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Supplements for Whole Pet Wellness

Our animal supplements were created with the nutritional demands of specific body systems in mind. Complex combinations of vegetables, fruits, and herbs are used in our equine supplements, while animal tissue extracts and concentrates in our canine and feline supplements support the nutritional needs of omnivores and obligate carnivores. Our goal is to provide each animal with targeted, essential nutritional support.*

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Our founder Dr. Royal Lee, believed that each individual’s unique nutritional requirements are best evaluated through a consultation with a health care professional. We want you to receive that personalized care, so we’ve created a free service to help you locate a nearby care professional who can recommend Standard Process products for you.

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*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.