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Get them off on the right paw
Puppy Pack and Kitten Kit from Standard Process Veterinary Formulas™

Puppy and kitten with veterinarian.

For young dogs and cats, the early days are a critical development time. It’s important to start building optimal health with a pet wellness plan that includes whole food-based supplements.

Introducing the Puppy Pack and Kitten Kit from Standard Process Veterinary Formulas — easy, effective ways for pet parents to provide healthy support to the newest member of the family.

Support your patients, and your practice

Puppy Packs and Kitten Kits can enhance your offerings

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Each Puppy Pack and Kitten Kit contains:


A Whole Body
Support Supplement

An excellent nutritional foundation for use with all other system-support formulas.

An Immune System
Support Supplement

An effective product that provides nutritional and biochemical support for healthy immune cells and tissues.

A free gift

A fun way to help your pet enjoy the benefits of a healthy lifestyle.

A Complete Protein Source

Puppy Pack

Targeted nutrition for puppies:

  • 1 Canine Whole Body Support
  • 1 Canine Immune System Support
  • 1 Puppy Pack Parent Brochure
  • 1 Collapsible Bowl
Puppy Pack

Puppy Pack

Content Product # Price
1 - Kit A60400 $36.00

Kitten Kit

Targeted nutrition for kittens:

  • 1 Feline Whole Body Support
  • 1 Feline Immune System Support
  • 1 Kitten Kit Parent Brochure
  • 1 Beet Catnip Toy
Kitten Kit

Kitten Kit

Content Product # Price
1 - Kit A50000 $60.50

“We recommend Whole Body Support and Immune System Support with the Puppy Pack and Kitten Kit. It makes sense that we, as veterinarians, would provide the best recommendations to support the growing needs of puppies and kittens.”

- Christopher Payton, DVM, CVA, CAC, CCRP
Michiana Veterinary Hospital | Edwardsburg, MI

Every Age & Every Stage

As pets grow, our complete line of Standard Process Veterinary Formulas™
can support them every step of the way.

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