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       Nutrient              Natural Sources                                                                                              Functions                                                  Supplements

                             Listed in order of highest nutrient value     Support                                                                                                                   Containing Named Nutrient**

       Calcium               Tofu, sardines, sesame seeds, dairy (yogurt, milk),   Blood; skeletal, cardiovascular,                       Calcium is essential for strong bone structure, teeth, and muscle tissue;   Calcifood    SP Complete
                             greens (collards, turnip greens, mustard, beet greens),   musculoskeletal, and nervous systems               nerve function and muscle cell contraction; and balanced blood pH.   Calcifood  Powder   SP Complete  Chocolate
                             spinach, kale, cheese, bone meal, cabbages, bok choy                                                         Calcium aids in blood clotting function, supports contraction and dilation   Calcium Lactate Powder          SP Complete  Dairy Free
                                                                                                                                          of vascular tissues, and facilitates cell signaling.       Cyrofood  Powder                    SP Complete  Vanilla
       Choline               Eggs, seafood (shrimp, scallops, tuna, cod, salmon),   Cell membranes, nervous and                           Choline is a key component of two phospholipids that serve as   Cardio-Plus ®
                             poultry, beef, lentils, greens (collards, Swiss chard),   hepatic systems                                    building blocks of the cell membrane; a precursor to acetylcholine, a   Cardio-Plus GF
                             broccoli, Brussels sprouts, peas, cauliflowers,                                                              neurotransmitter that supports nervous system function of the brain,   Choline
                             mushrooms (shiitake, crimini)                                                                                heart, muscles, and intestines; an important factor in methylation; and   Myo-Plus ®
                                                                                                                                          essential in activities such as building DNA, exchanging signals in the
                                                                                                                                          brain, homocysteine metabolism, and liver detoxification
       Chromium              Broccoli, barley, oats, green beans, tomatoes, romaine   Endocrine system                                    Chromium supports healthy blood glucose by enhancing insulin function.  Cataplex  GTF
                             lettuce, black pepper, garlic, potatoes (Also, there                                                                                                                    Diaplex ®
                             are trace amounts of chromium in many other foods,                                                                                                                      Immuplex ®
                             including vegetables, fruits, grains, legumes, seafood,
                             meats, and dairy.)
       Coenzyme Q        10   Liver, beef, fish (trout, herring), chicken, sesame seeds,   Metabolic and immune systems                   CoQ  is a cofactor in the electron transport chain for energy production   Cellular Vitality
       (CoQ )                pistachio nuts, spinach, broccoli, cauliflowers, rice bran,                                                  and acts as an antioxidant. Due to this vital role in energy production,
              10             strawberries, eggs                                                                                           CoQ  has an effect on all systems within the body.
       Ubiquinol, Ubiquinone
       Copper                Liver, mollusks, lobster, seeds (sesame, sunflower), nuts   Immune, musculoskeletal, metabolic, and          Copper is an essential cofactor in oxidation/reduction enzymes such as   Chezyn                                      Trace Minerals-B 12 ™
                             (cashews, walnuts, pine, hazelnuts), beans (soybeans,   vascular systems                                     superoxide dismutase, an antioxidant enzyme; critical for the incorporation  Copper Liver Chelate ™
                             chickpeas, lima beans, kidney beans), mushrooms                                                              of iron into red blood cells; involved in the catabolism of carbohydrates for   Immuplex ®
                             (shiitake), tempeh, lentils, buckwheat, radishes                                                             energy production cells; and required for synthesis of collagen, the main   Neuroplex ®
                                                                                                                                          structural protein in blood vessels, connective tissue, and bone.
       Essential             Flaxseeds, chia seeds, walnuts, fatty fish (sardines,   Brain; visual; endocrine, cardiovascular,            Essential fatty acids are precursors for synthesis of certain hormones,   Black Currant Seed Oil            Tuna Omega-3 Chewable
       Fatty Acids           salmon, tuna, shrimp, halibut, scallops, cod), beef,   nervous, and integumentary systems                    such as eicosanoids; necessary for brain and visual development and   Calamari Omega-3 Liquid      Tuna Omega-3 Oil
                             wheat germ, black currant seed oil, evening primrose
                                                                                                                                          function; involved in healthy neuronal transmissions; building blocks of
                                                                                                                                                                                                     Cod Liver Oil                             Wheat Germ Oil
                             oil, cauliflowers, Brussels sprouts                                                                          cell membranes; a source of energy; and essential for skin integrity and   Sesame Seed Oil
       Vitamin F                                                                                                                          structural function. Essential fatty acids have anti-inflammatory and   Soybean Lecithin
                                                                                                                                          antioxidant effects and support normal heart rate and coronary blood flow.
       Folate/               Beans (pinto beans, chickpeas, navy beans, black beans,   Energy production; blood; nervous,                 Folate and folic acid transfer single carbon units, which are critical in the   Cellular Vitality
       Folic Acid            kidney beans), lentils, asparagus, spinach, greens (beet   cardiovascular, and reproductive systems          metabolism of nucleic acids and amino acids. Folate and folic acid are   Folic Acid B 12
                             greens, collards, turnip greens), broccoli, beets, romaine
                                                                                                                                          essential for brain development and function as well as fetal development
                             lettuce, citrus fruits, Brussels sprouts, liver, nutritional/                                                and reproductive health. They support overall growth and development;
       Vitamin B             baker’s yeast                                                                                                blood cell formation and platelet function; and homocysteine metabolism,
                                                                                                                                          an indicator of cardiovascular health.
       Inositol              Cantaloupes, citrus fruits (oranges, grapefruits, limes),   Cell membranes                                   Inositol has not been demonstrated to be an essential nutrient; however,   Cyruta*                                     St. John’s Wort-IMT ™
                             beans (Great Northern, kidney, lima, navy, green, pole,                                                      inositol is a component of cell membrane phospholipids and may play an   Inositol                                     Phosfood  Liquid
       Vitamin B , Phytic Acid  wax), peas, whole grains (wheat), artichokes, nuts,                                                       important role in cell physiology.                         Inositol Powder
                8            and seeds
       Iodine                Sea vegetables, seafood (scallops, cod, shrimp,   Endocrine, nervous, metabolic, and                         Iodine is essential for the thyroid gland and its associated hormones.   A-F Betafood                          Organically Bound Minerals
                             sardines, salmon, tuna), dairy (yogurt, milk), eggs,   reproductive systems                                  Due to iodine’s essential role in thyroid metabolism, iodine is critical for   Cataplex  F Tablets                 Prolamine Iodine
                             turkey, navy beans, potatoes                                                                                 function of the brain, nervous system, normal growth and development,   Iodomere                                 St. John’s Wort-IMT ™
                                                                                                                                          metabolism, and reproductive function.                     Min-Chex                                 Trace Minerals-B  ™
                                                                                                                                                                                                     Min-Tran ®                         12
       Iron                  Beef, lamb, pork, mollusks, spinach, greens (Swiss   Blood; metabolic, nervous, immune, and                  Iron is vital in oxygen transport and energy metabolism via hemoglobin   Chezyn
                             chard, beet greens, collards, mustard, turnip greens),   reproductive systems                                production; assists in formation and function of numerous enzymes; is   Ferrofood ®
                             seeds (sesame, pumpkin), beans (chickpeas, lima beans,                                                       part of the cellular antioxidant system, protecting cells from excess free   Immuplex ®
                             navy beans, green beans, black beans, kidney beans),                                                         radicals; and is involved in enzyme systems that produce and repair DNA,   Livaplex ®
                             lentils, artichokes, beets                                                                                   supporting growth, reproduction, healing, and immune system function.
                                                                                                                                                                                                     Neuroplex ®

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