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Our commitment

            To sustainability
                                                Guidelines: MediHerb  commitment to endangered species
            In addition to working with domestic growers, we
            also source herbs from abroad and recognize the   1. Where the threatened status of an herb   6. We actively promote the use of
            importance of supporting indigenous communities   is specific to a region or country, we do   alternate herbs in place of endangered
            in quality and sustainability standards. As these   not acquire the herb from that region   herbs by educating health care
            communities depend on the income of the herb
            crops for their well-being, it is particularly   or country.          professionals.
            important that they understand quality issues and   2. We use cultivated herb sources of   7. Where a threatened or endangered
            are educated as to how to best grow or sustainably
            harvest the herb. Working together, we can ensure   threatened herbs.   herb is part of a tablet or liquid
            that they will sell their crops and provide income   3. Where no cultivated source is available,   formulation, we will reformulate the
            for their community. In addition, we have a                           product to include a different herb.
            documented process to avoid using herbal plants   we seek to establish cultivation in
            that are on the brink of becoming classified as   conjunction with herb growers.  8. When an herb is listed in the CITES
            endangered species. We have developed a system                        Appendix II and a cultivated source is
            of identifying and classifying the “threat” to   4. If 2 and 3 are not options, we then   not available, we cease to use that herb
            particular herbs. “Threatened” is not an official   investigate the wild crafting techniques   and delete the product from the range,
            classification; rather it is determined by us based   and protocols to ensure they are
            on information received from independent,   conducted sustainably and ethically.  for example Pygeum.
            reliable sources such as CITES (Convention on
            International Trade in Endangered Species of   5. In certain cases, substitution of the
            Wild Fauna and Flora), TRAFFIC (Wildlife Trade   threatened herb with a clinically similar
            Monitoring Network) and United Plant Savers.   interchangeable species will be
            When a wild-crafted herb is classified as   possible. This option requires technical
            “threatened” by us, steps are taken immediately to
            find alternatives to overcome or reduce the threat.   and Research and Development

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