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MediHerb  quality assured sourcing of herbs

                             Raw material is sourced from quality herb suppliers worldwide

                                             Pre-shipment sample requested

              Samples sent to lab for:         Chromatography                      Also tested for:
                  Identification (HPTLC        Method used to separate the             Macro/microscopic analysis
               fingerprint)                    phytochemicals in a herbal extract      Pesticides/heavy metals
                  Validation (species, plant part)  into individual components         Aflatoxins
                  Efficacy (actives,                                                   Microbial levels
               phytochemical profile)

              High Performance Thin Layer      Ultra High Performance Liquid       Gas Chromatography (GC):
              Chromatography (HPTLC):          Chromatography (UHPLC):             This method works only for
              The liquid extract is spotted onto   The herbal extract is injected into a   volatile chemicals. The herbal
              a silica gel plate which is then   liquid stream which is carried onto   extract is inserted into a hot
              placed into a trough containing   a column and separated into its    injector block and the volatile
              solvent. The solvent then        various constituents. These are     constituents pass onto the heated
              separates the extract into a     then detected when they exit the    column which separates the
              series of bands (phytochemicals)   column. Normally a Photo-Diode    constituents based on their boiling
              characteristic to the plant      Array (PDA) measures the            point. The existing chemicals are
                                               absorption spectrum of each         then burnt in a flame and the
                                               chemical constituent. However, not   resultant electric signal is detected
                                               all constituents can be seen by PDA
                                               and therefore Evaporative Light
                                               Scattering Detection (ELSD), Fourier
                                               Transform Infrared Spectrometry
                                               (FTIR) and Mass Spectrometry (MS)
                                               are also used to detect compounds
                                               such as saponins

                       Mass Spectrometry (MS)
                       Method used to separate the phytochemicals in an herbal extract into individual components

                                               Order is placed ONLY IF the above
                                               quality criteria have been met      When, and only when, all
                                                                                   aspects of quality control of the
                                                                                   raw material are confirmed, will
              Order arrives                    To Lab: All QA procedures           the manufacture of MediHerb
              Quarantined samples taken        detailed above are repeated on      products begin. An herb is sent
                                               the purchased batch samples         back if it does not comply

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