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Our philosophy

                Ultra High Performance Liquid      Fourier Transform Infrared Spectrometry
             Chromatography (UHPLC) is a separation   (FTIR) is an identification technique that exposes
             technique performed in the liquid phase. Liquid   the sample to light and measures how the
             samples are injected into a solvent stream under   molecule interacts in the infrared region
             high pressure at an extremely rapid flow rate,   (molecule vibrational spectra). This testing is
             which is carried onto a high resolution packed   useful in elucidating molecular structural
             column and separated into individual   information by identifying samples and
             constituents based on the interaction between   quantification. FTIR is the next generation UV-vis.
             the solvent and column chemistry. Constituents   It is more sensitive and more detailed and useful
             are detected and quantified by Photo-Diode   for delivering unknown compounds as it gives
             Array (PDA), which measures the absorption   detailed information about the functional groups
             spectrum of each chemical constituent at an   attached to the molecule.
             extremely rapid acquisition rate (Mass   We hold all our suppliers to our benchmark testing   Golden Seal: identifying
             Spectrometry can also be used). UHPLC offers   standards, and before any herb is purchased, we   substitution issues
             a three times higher pressure rate than HPLC and   analyze a batch sample to ensure compliance with
             is much faster and more sensitive. Notably, it   our strict quality criteria. The purchased batch is   Golden Seal (Hydrastis canadensis) is very
             allows us to gain more detailed information   also sampled and subjected to the same battery of   expensive and has always been in
             about the breakdown of various peaks and   tests. Only if the herb passes this second set of
             marker compounds for a more accurate   tests is the batch accepted into the factory for   short supply; thus it is commonly
             identification. In addition, the use of less solvent   further processing. Our stringent testing processes   substituted with cheaper herbs that
             is a great environmental benefit. UHPLC allows us   reveal any quality issues from substitution of   greatly affect efficacy. These cheaper
             to establish our own test methods for compounds   species to adulteration or simply a poor quality   species do not contain hydrastine;
             creating a greater understanding of   plant. All herbs approved for use in our products   rather they contain only berberine and
             phytochemistry.                   are the correct species, plant part, active
                Mass Spectrometry (MS) is an extremely   constituent profile and are free from   berberine-related compounds. They do,
             specific and sensitive technique that volatilizes,   contamination.   however, produce an extract of the
             ionizes and filters molecules in complex   See diagram on page 10    same color as Golden Seal. Berberine is
             mixtures. It can be used to identify molecular                       a potent antibacterial agent, but it is the
             weights of molecules or for quantification                           hydrastine that is believed responsible
             purposes. They can be connected to most                              for the unique trophorestorative effects
             separation techniques to detect the eluting
             molecules from the column. MS is used routinely                      of Golden Seal upon mucous
             with GS and UHPLC testing.                                           membranes.
                Ultraviolet/Visible Detector (UV-vis) is a                        Similarly, the hair roots of Golden Seal,
             quantitative technique that exposes the sample                       which have lower levels of hydrastine
             to light and measures how the molecule interacts
             in the Ultraviolet/Visible region (electron                          than the rhizome, are sold as the root
             excitation spectra). It can also be useful in                        and rhizome, which provides lower
             elucidating molecular structure and can be                           efficacy. The presence of hydrastine
             attached to a UHPLC as a detection technique (i.e.                   and the differentiation of adulterants
             photo diode array). UV-vis is a sensitive technique                  are easily determined by UHPLC, and,
             used to measure the spectrum of each
             phytochemical as it passes the detector (diode                       therefore, we only purchase cultivated
             array) and depending on the herb being tested, is                    Golden Seal as it is now considered
             connected to UHPLC.                                                  endangered.

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