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MediHerb  manufacturing processes
                                                                                                                        Our philosophy
            & quality control for herbs

                                     Cool room storage of herbs for quality assurance

                                   Minimizes degradation of actives, control of insects, ideal storage
                                       condition for raw materials whose actives can degrade

                                     Raw material milled under cryogenic conditions
                                         so no heat can affect the phytochemicals

                                                Proprietary Cold Percolation

                        A unique slow process over 7–10 days known ONLY to MediHerb , developed by Kerry Bone,
                       to extract the full spectrum of compounds of the herb without causing damage or degradation

                                                       Liquid extracts

                   The majority of our liquid extracts are made as 1:2 liquid extracts as this is the most effective method to
                   extract the full phytochemical profile in a convenient dosage unit. However we also make liquid extracts
                              with other ratios depending on the optimum extraction of the individual herb

                    Samples sent to the QA Laboratory where they are analyzed for phytochemical profile, level of actives,
                    consistency, verification of original herb with no deterioration or degradation. This is the third round of
                                      testing performed. When the extract meets all criteria

                                                     Bottled for sale

                                                                                 Our philosophy • MediHerb  Product Catalog 2018  11
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