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Our commitment

                                               To research
                                                                                  Saligesic and Cramplex:
                                               We are a global leader in herbal scientific
                                               knowledge and often partner on research projects   working together on
                                               to advance quality and efficacy with reputable   clinical feedback trials
                                               establishments. Our outstanding team of scientists
                                               and health care professionals drive our research,   Our clinical feedback trials involve our
                                               development and quality control practices. We also   network of health care professionals in
                                               collaborate with health care professionals for
                                               real-time patient feedback. Significant innovations   the development and validation of new
                                               include our revolutionary process of manufacturing   products prior to launch. By working
                                               herbal tablets from liquid extracts and 1:2 Cold   together, we are able to gather valid clinical
              Echinacea: the landmark          Percolation manufacturing process. Our Research   data in a timely and cost-effective manner.
              research project                 and Development team combine experience in   Feedback trials completed for Saligesic
                                               food and herbal products, university research, drug
                                               analysis in hospitals, pharmaceuticals, quality   (a highly potent Willow Bark product for
              The most well-known herbal support   assurance, technical writing, clinical nutrition and   exercise-related lower back pain) and
              for the immune system is Echinacea,   work in situ with our own herbalists and   Cramplex (a formulated product for the
              yet it is both misunderstood and   naturopaths, along with a board of leading   relief of mild discomfort associated with
              underestimated. There are many   American, Australian and other international   menstruation) prior to their launch helped
              Echinacea products available, which   herbalists. This ensures we can combine the best   us clearly demonstrate their efficacy.*
              differ according to plant species, plant   of science, traditional knowledge and current
                                               clinical knowledge to produce the most efficacious
              part (root, leaves, seeds or a   herbal and nutritional solutions.     Saligesic Feedback Trial Results
              combination), quality markers and                                    15
              dosage. In 2003, MediHerb  began an   To innovation                  12
              extensive research project designed to   Innovation is the lifeblood of our business and
              identify the bioavailable components   supports our culture of excellence. We undertake   9
              of Echinacea Premium and how they   a rigorous new product development process to   6
              exert an effect on the immune system.   ensure that appropriate steps are undertaken
              MediHerb  research results made a   when investigating the introduction of a new   3
                                               product. This allows us to develop a shortlist of key
              substantial contribution to a new   herbs that are then subjected to closer analysis.
              understanding of lipophilic extracts of   This involves detailed examination of the clinical   0  0 week  3 week  6 week
              Echinacea, which conclude that   outcomes, phytochemistry and biological activity,
              alkylamides must be used as the   analytical methodology, continuity of supply,   8  Cramplex Feedback Trial Results
              markers of quality and activity, the root   economic sustainability, synergy of the final   7
                                               formula, cost to the patient and practicality of final
              of Echinacea is the preferred plant part   dose formulation. Once the prototype formulation   6
              given its high levels of alkylamides and   is agreed upon, we may then undertake a human   5
              the preferred species of Echinacea are   feedback trial to prove the efficacy and safety of
              E. angustifolia and E. purpurea since they   the product and regularly supply product to   4
              contain high levels of alkylamides. In   support other industry research projects.   3
              addition, our research has proven that                                2
              Echinacea must be extracted using an                                  1
              alcohol percentage sufficiently high to                               0  Prior    First    Second
              efficiently extract the alkylamides.*                                    to trial  menstrual    menstrual
                                                                                         Worst       Background      Intervention
                                                                                       Pain  Pain      Usage
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