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Our values

            We proudly come to work every day to provide high-quality
            solutions that deliver on the needs of our patients and yours.
            We are continually motivated and energized to help
            empower people to be healthier in the most natural way. This
            is emphasized through our knowledge, our relationships and

            our vision.

            Our knowledge                      Our relationships                 Our vision
            From discovering adulteration in Skullcap raw   The long-term relationships we have fostered with   MediHerb  was established by practitioners for
            materials and developing a method to identify the   reputable growers ensure we always obtain   practitioners, and from day one we have been
            correct species, to undertaking research with herb   optimal quality materials. Since the beginning, we   passionate about investing in the future of natural
            growers and agronomists for the best growing,   have actively supported herb growers, and provide  herbal supplements and delivering innovative
            harvesting and drying requirements for herbs; we   them with technical support and information on   health care solutions. We will continue to facilitate
            are always investing in our knowledge base to   varietal selection, climatic and soil requirements,   the mainstream acceptance of the professional
            share the latest developments with the industry in   time of harvest, harvesting techniques, drying   natural herbal supplements industry as a
            our quest for quality, safety and efficacy. We are a   parameters, storage requirements, post-drying   significant contributor to health globally. We are
            team of practicing natural health care professionals   and feedback on herb quality. In addition, we   excited about the discoveries to come and to
            and scientists whose thought leadership has seen   collaborate closely on groundbreaking research   continue to advance knowledge and excellence
            us partner with like-minded groups to drive herbal   projects to support our quest for quality, safety and  through the latest scientific evidence and centuries
            research, innovation, authenticity and safety.   efficacy. Our research partners (current and past)   of traditional wisdom. Most of all, we look forward
                                               are part of leading Australian and international   to continuing to partner with you, our network of
                                               institutions, including the University of   passionate professionals, to give your patients
                                               Queensland, Griffith University, Southern Cross   natural health care solutions that work and make a
                                               University, the University of New England,   difference in their lives.
                                               Swinburne University of Technology, the University
                                               of Western Sydney, the University of Wisconsin,
                                               Oregon Health and Science University, the
                                               University of Pisa and the University of Modena
                                               and Reggio Emilia.

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