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MediHerb  unique tableting process
                                                                                                                        Our philosophy
            when using our liquid extracts

                                                                              Quality control analysis
                                Herb                                 1      As per quality chart on page 10

                             Liquid extract                                Pass                     Fail

                      1:2 proprietary Cold Percolation

                            Low temperature                                   Quality control analysis
                         Vacuum concentrator                         2      As per quality chart on page 10
              Turns liquid extract into concentrate and removes
               ethanol. This process ensures no damage to the
                        delicate active constituents                       Pass                     Fail



                            Low temperature                          3        Quality control analysis
                             Vacuum oven                                    As per quality chart on page 10

                                                                           Pass                     Fail
                        Milled to tiny granules
               and mixed with hypoallergenic tablet excipients

                                                                              Quality control analysis
                             Tablet punch                            4      As per quality chart on page 10
              Presses tablet and either hypromellose coating or
                         enteric coating is applied
                                                                           Pass                     Fail


                                                                   Bottled for sale

                                                                 Total process takes
                                                                      1 month

                                                                                  Our philosophy • MediHerb  Product Catalog 2018  7
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