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Our commitment

            MediHerb  was co-founded in 1986 by Professor Kerry Bone;                                                   Our philosophy
            one of the world’s most inspiring herbal practitioners,
            scientists and academics whose reputation is cemented
            by his significant contribution to education, research and
            advocacy for the profession.

            Today the genuine passion of our team continually
            upholds the values and commitment of our
            founder and drives our benchmark of quality,
            safety and efficacy in natural health care. This is
            supported by our focus to combine the
            time-honored wisdom of traditional knowledge
            with sound clinical experience, the rigor of
            scientific research and power of education to
            ensure we continue to deliver unparalleled quality
            in our products.
            Every day patients worldwide will experience
            the MediHerb  way in natural health—our unique   Skullcap: championing   Bilberry: changing global
            manufacturing processes, unrivaled testing
            regimes, focus on research; and commitment to   authenticity in herbs  safety standards
            our practitioners, growers and suppliers; herb
            sourcing expertise, clinical formulations and of   Our stringent testing regimes are   In 2003, we received samples of
            course, the passion of our people.   renowned for guarding against    Vaccinium myrtillus (Bilberry fruit extracts),
            To quality                          substitution of species, adulteration of   which showed differing behaviors.
                                                                                  Using the industry standard method
                                                herbs and poor quality. It is of paramount
            Our unique approach to quality is unsurpassed in   importance to us that the herbs approved   (spectrophotometric assay) to determine
            the world today. It is paramount to everything we   for use in MediHerb  products are of the   the anthocyanin (color quality marker)
            do and evident across our entire business. Herbal   correct species and plant part, have the   content, we found that two extracts
            products in Australia are regulated by the   legitimate active constituent profile   had 25% levels as claimed by the
            Australian government’s Therapeutic Goods   and are free from contamination. Due to   manufacturers, but when we applied our
            Administration (TGA), a body similar to the U.S.   our rigorous testing processes, we have   high-performance liquid chromatography
            Food and Drug Administration (FDA).
                                                found many issues relating to quality   (HPLC) testing, one extract was found to
            The TGA also applies the same standards to   over the years.          contain just 9%.
            pharmaceutical manufacturing in Australia.
            There is a vast difference between the U.S. Current   One of our most notable discoveries was   Further testing identified the addition
            Good Manufacturing Practice (CGMP) for dietary   the substitution of Scutellaria lateriflora   of an adulterant—amaranth, which is
            supplements, and Australia’s pharmaceutical GMP   (Skullcap) with other Scutellaria spp. and   a synthetic dark red dye. The testing
            (which is equivalent to the U.S. FDA drug CGMP).   Teucrium spp. We also identified that the   also revealed that when deliberate
            As an exporter to the United States and a   substitution of Stephania tetrandra by   adulteration occurs in an extract, a
            manufacturer in Australia, we comply with both.   Aristolochia spp. has the potential to   spectrophotometric assay is inadequate
            At MediHerb , we rigorously source and test all   cause kidney failure. Amongst many   to accurately determine the levels of
            raw materials in our TGA-certified laboratories, and   other examples we also found that   compounds such as anthocyanins.
            research and develop herb active constituents and   Crataegus monogyna (Hawthorn),   One of our proudest achievements is
            clinical applications. Our precisely engineered    Vitex agnus-castus (Chaste Tree) and   that this work was published and led
            manufacturing and extraction processes are
            revolutionary while our unique “Quantified   Turnera diffusa (Damiana) extracts were   to a change in global regulatory testing
            Activity” (QA) system ensures consistent quality   adulterated with rutin, and samples of   standards for Bilberry.
            extracts with guaranteed minimum levels of   Vaccinium myrtillus (Bilberry) contained
            active constituents. Only when all quality aspects   a coloring agent used to imitate
            of raw materials are confirmed does the   anthocyanins (the compounds
            manufacturing process begin.        responsible for the ripe blue color of the

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