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Our commitment

            To safety
                                                Echinacea: the MediHerb  “Quantified Activity” (QA) Program
            Safety is paramount in every aspect of our
            operations and stringent testing regimes to guard   Our QA program is unique to MediHerb   Our commitment to guarantee supply of
            against substitution, adulteration and poor quality.   and uses the latest research and clinical   authentic Echinacea led to the
            Our quality assurance process tests herbs for   experience underpinned by batch   development of our QA program, as the
            species identity, plant part, color, aroma, texture,
            content of specified actives, microbial levels,   consistency to define stringent guidelines   herb was suffering from global confusion
            amount of extraneous matter, pesticides and   to produce consistent quality extracts   over what constituted authentic Echinacea.
            herbicides, heavy metals and aflatoxins. Strict   with guaranteed minimum levels of active  This was due to another herb’s uncanny
            standards are predetermined to ensure only   constituents. To date we have quantified   physical root similarity. We adopted
            quality materials from reputable sources are used   the activity of over 70 herbs through this   sophisticated analyses to compare
            and every ingredient goes through thorough   program—a world first.   Echinacea’s chemical fingerprint with a
            assessment.                                                          certified reference sample from the
                                                Representing the most up-to-date
            To efficacy                         scientific knowledge available, the   correct species. We also investigated
            As practicing health care professionals ourselves,   process of developing QA extracts is   methods to quantify the herb’s
            we fully understand the necessity for efficacious   complex, however, once constituents are   alkylamides and other important
            products that meet a genuine health need. This is   selected and QA levels are set, we focus   compounds, resulting in our high
            reflected by our diligence towards research and   on ensuring the supply of consistent   performance liquid chromatography
            ability to select herbs phytochemically as nature                    (HPLC) methodology. Armed with these
            intended. Based on the latest credible evidence,   quality raw materials and the retention of   stringent testing processes, we worked
            our team of naturopaths, scientists and herbal   the constituents throughout   with Echinacea growers to determine
            experts carefully collaborate to formulate every   the manufacturing process. QA extracts   appropriate growing conditions and
            product with the highest quality ingredients. We   are carefully selected whole herbs
            are committed to the development of efficacious   manufactured using our 1:2 Cold   handling parameters, and internally we
            herbal products with a focus on meeting patient   Percolation process to contain the active   established protocols to ensure optimum
            needs, validating the efficacy of herbal formulas   constituents from the raw herb. Our   retention and stability of alkylamides
            through clinical trials and in vitro research and                    during all phases of the production
            researching the phytochemistry of herbal plants.   program links together all possible   process. This allowed us to establish our
            By combining phytochemical, biochemical, clinical   parameters that can affect product and   standard for acceptance of Echinacea raw
            and traditional herbal knowledge, we can continue   extract quality, guaranteeing a high
            to produce high-quality products to meet changing   quality, efficacious extract every time.   material based on alkylamide content.
            health care needs.
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