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Our commitment

            To manufacturing                                                     To testing
            After testing, all herbs are transferred to our                      Herbs are naturally complex and not all are grown,
            temperature-controlled warehouse to preserve                         harvested, dried or stored in the same way. We use
            the herbs before undertaking our unique 1:2 Cold                     the latest technology, invest in the best
            Percolation manufacturing process. Extensive                         equipment, and employ and train the best
            scientific testing proves that this is unlike any other              scientific talent who understand the complexities
            herbal extraction method and is the benchmark for                    of phytochemistry in order to undertake highly
            producing the highest quality extracts using no                      detailed testing throughout all stages of the
            heat or concentration. It ensures herbal                             sourcing and manufacturing process. This
            constituents remain intact with only ethanol or                      guarantees validation of species and plant parts
            purified water (and occasionally glycerol).                          and efficacy of active ingredients and
            Each liquid variety is processed using specific   Tableting: benchmarking   phytochemical profiles. Our tests include:
            ethanol percentages for optimum extraction. Our   quality               High Performance Thin Layer
            extraction equipment is built from stainless steel,                   Chromatography (HPTLC) is a high resolution
            and we use pharmaceutical-grade filtering units.   Our research has proven that the   thin layer chromatography separation technique
            All process water is purified by reverse osmosis,   optimal method of herb processing for   where liquid extract is precisely spotted onto a
            and our experience with developing specific   tableting involves the evaporation of   high-resolution silica gel plate and exposed to
            ethanol percentages for each herb helps us                            solvent to separate the extract into a series of
            maximize quality. Our internal benchmarks for   the ethanol and water at low   molecules characteristic to the plant based on
            each herb must be met or exceeded for acceptance   temperatures under vacuum. This   sample interactions with the plate and the
            into manufacturing.                 important step minimizes the exposure   solvent. HPTLC is the next generation of thin layer
            Our unique tablet manufacturing process also uses   of the delicate chemicals in the herbal   chromatography (TLC) as it is quicker and more
            our 1:2 Cold Percolation liquid extracts to ensure   matrix to the damaging effects of heat   sensitive. This means that the separation
            potency equivalent to the original galenical liquid   and oxidation.   provides more detailed information allowing
            extract. It has also been subject to extensive                        lower levels of adulteration to be detected. HPTLC
            research and development to ensure that the   Our tableting process takes this one   may also be able to quantify compounds
            finished tablet is as efficacious as the liquid extract,   step further to actually specify the   whereas TLC can only identify presence. HPTLC
            and that the full phytochemical profile has been                      also features an auto sampler to eliminate any
            retained.                           optimal parameters employed during   variation from different technicians setting up the
                                                the evaporation and drying processes   sampling manually, which can happen under the
            See diagram on page 11
                                                for each of the active constituents of   TLC process.
                                                the final tablet. As with our liquid herbal      Gas Chromatography (GC) is a separation
                                                extracts, our tablets are manufactured   technique performed in the gas phase for volatile
                                                                                  components such as essential oils. Samples can
                                                to pharmaceutical standards. Each   be introduced either as a liquid or a gas
                                                batch is tested for disintegration,   (headspace injector) using an inert carrier gas
                                                friability, weight uniformity and for   into a hot injector block. The volatilized
                                                active constituents. Our tablets are   constituents then pass onto a heated capillary
                                                required by the TGA to disintegrate in   column separating the gaseous constituents
                                                                                  based predominately on their boiling point and
                                                less than 30 minutes for maximum   the interaction with the column chemistry. The
                                                efficacy.                         constituents are moved into a flame and the
                                                                                  resultant by-products pass through electrodes to
                                                                                  generate a signal (detection can also be done by
                                                                                  Mass Spectrometry).

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